NICE to meet you I am Novis

NOVIS (Latin) means NEW also means REVERSE. As the name, we dare to RISK the challenge of venturing against the masses to create NEW things. We create meaningful solutions that can solve real pains for end users. Our clients often come to us to refresh their brand images, improve their experience, and create end-to-end marketing, sales and support solutions.

Who we are

Novis is international represented by our departments in London while our head office is located in Vietnam. We are recognized as young, dynamic, creative and ambitious company leading in marketing solution for businesses. We help client from over the world to make their business more efficient.


Young spiritual age because we always constantly learning and experiencing new things


By always taking the challenge. We are positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas


Our imagination activities involve the inventing and making of new kinds of things server for client


Like so many creative people, we was never satisfied. We are always looking something better

What we do ?

We creative a balance life, that people full of vital style, energy, smart & agent to inspired work that solve real problems for businesses and customers. The success of our company is based on a smart, hardworking and creative team. Every member of out team is committed to the highest quality services for our E-business customer at a fair price level.


Explore and learn faster. Then creative the best ideas in every corner of advertising


Sports are important part of life. Conquer the sportiest moments as a outdoor sports athletes


Not afraid of challenges. Take the risk of bold innovations with the latest tech


Broaden the horizon of brand building and customer connecting

Original BOLD ideas
lead to successful business

We are experts in Branding, Marketing, Production, Digital Solution. Especially right now, Industry 4.0 is developing, opening up a new era of technology, we create and join challenges to apply bold new technology for marketing.

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Our Team

The success of our company is based on a smart, hardworking and creative team. Every member of our team is committed to the highest quality products. We are looking for members who are interested with our culture.




Our Creative Group include Copywriters, Designers, Art Director and Creative Director. In this group, a wide range of projective and enabling techniques may be applied. We are conducted in order to allow in-depth exploration of an issue, product or activity, and to generate creative or new ideas.




Our production team consisting of technical staff to produce the media with modern equipment. We are provide the physical basis for works in the fields of performing arts, photography, media art, film, viral video, television, and motion graphic...




The marketing technology landscape is rapidly evolving, with different software technologies crowding an ever-increasing number of categories. So, we improve high quality technology staffs. It’s essential for our team to understand how technology can help the customer positively affect business.

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